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To seek Christ, Know Christ and Become Christ, each one for the sake of all

  2018 Annual Stewardship Appeal                      GIVE NOW
"Lord, help us to live the virtue of generosity, to love without limits"  This prayer from Pope Francis speaks to the heart of Stewardship. It is a simple prayer that calls us to reflect and to act.
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Questions and Answers

What is the 2018 St. Dominic Catholic Parish  Love without Limits Appeal?

The Love without Limits Stewardship Appeal appeal has two important purposes:

  • It is our annual parish-wide effort to renew our stewardship commitments of prayer, service and treasure; to steward the blessings received from God, for the benefit of all.

  • It is also a parish-wide effort to continue to raise funds during the final year of the Sharing our Vision Capital Campaign, which address important parish needs and strengthen God's ministries that serve the youngest to the most senior members of our community.

Why did we choose the theme "Love without Limits"?

Giving and working together, living as faithful stewards, "love" takes tangible form. Through love, the sick and the elderly receive the Eucharist in a home visit, children learn about the faith, and families in need are comforted. Through love, we worship together in times of joy and times of sorrow. All of the ministries that are the heart and soul of our parish are alive in love because of your generous and consistent support.

There is one simple, inescapable fact; if we all do our part to Love without Limits and support this faith community, our ministries could grow beyond our wildest dreams.

What are the Annual Stewardship goals for our Love without Limits Campaign?

During our annual Stewardship Appeal we are asking you to:

  • Reflect on the time you give to the Lord in prayer and consider new ways to deepen your relationship to God.

  • Renew your service commitments, and if possible, offer your gifts in one of the ministries listed as "Immediate Need" in the Ministry Handbook.

  • Renew, and if possible, increase by 3%, your annual pledge of financial support.

  • Fulfill your final year commitment to the Sharing the Vision Campaign, and if possible, offer an additional one-time gift. If you have not yet pledged to the campaign, consider a one-year pledge amount.

What were the 2017 fiscal year results?

The budget for fiscal year end 6/30/17 was $1,841,650. The Actual for 7/1/16 through 6/30/17 was $1,860,996. We continue to be grateful for your generous response in support of our mission and ministries.

2016-2017 Year-End Report

St. Dominic, pray for us!


Sharing the Vision Campaign Brochure

What are the Capital Fund Goals for our Sharing the Vision Campaign?

  • Debit Reduction: The first priority of this campaign is to raise a minimum of $875,000 and refinance the remaining debt from the renovation of the church, the building of the Parish Athletic Facility and the creation of the Parish Arts & Activities Center. Our current debt is now under $1 million. The campaign has allowed for $625,000 of debt reduction to date, with an additional $50,000 planned for 2017 and $200,000 in 2018.

  • Deferred Maintenance: Estimated investment of $400,000 would be used for immediate maintenance needs, lengthen life expectancy, and prevent premature replacement including the mechanicals, (heating and cooling) and preventative maintenance of our roofs.  Immediate needs have been addressed and monies have been set aside to build a reserve for HVAC roof repair, and parking lot concerns. 

  • Campus-wide Safety and Security: Estimated investment of $200,000 would allow us t install new secured entrances for the church, Parish Center, main school entrance, Parish Arts & Activities Center, K4 and Middle School entrances, a campus-wide exterior video/camera system, evacuation signage, new fire alarm system, and new locks on the main exterior doors. Completed projects included a new school building entrance with secured access, campus-wide security cameras, electronic access for key doors and new keys/locking system.  

  • School Revitalization: Estimated investment of $300,000 may be used toward updated classrooms, hallways, new flooring, including the cafeteria. This past summer, monies were directed toward our early childhood education wing with new ceilings lighting, and fresh paint. As more pledge and gifts are received, phase 2 may include new flooring, countertops, and cabinets.  

  • Marcy Center Revitalization: Estimated investment of $250,000 would be used for flooring, paint, a fully functioning kitchen, and additional audio-visual capabilities. This project was part of our 2008 Master Plan for Capital Improvements.

  • South Narthex Expansion: Estimated investment of $725,000 would create a more welcoming, inviting gathering space before and after Masses, weddings, funerals, and the many other services and special events held in our church. This project was part of our 2008 Master Plan for Capital Improvements.

  • Campus-wide updates and contingency costs: Estimated Investment of $175,000 would allow improved youth ministry facilities, audio-video presentation systems in the church and narthexes, updates to the Parish Center, rectory, and curb appeal of the parish shed and dumpster area.

Only those projects covered by the amount of monies pledged will be undertaken, in the priority order listed. Simply put, no additional debt will be incurred for any of the projects.

What would you like me to consider giving to achieve our Capital Fund Goals?

  • Making a new final year commitment to our Sharing the Vision Campaign

  • Making a one-time additional gift over and above current 3-year commitment

  • Praying for God’s blessings upon our campaign and our parish

May the grace of the Holy Spirit lead you as you pray over your decision.



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