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  General Information

St. Dominic Athletic Association welcomes day school and Christian Formation students to broaden their knowledge and experiences by participating in extracurricular sports activities. Fair play and a spirit of good sportsmanship flow from the Catholic environment based on the love of God and of one another. Elementary school athletic programs can be a valuable part of the total education process which integrates both character formation and spiritual growth with academic achievement. Students will learn a variety of skills while developing new friendships.

For a list of sports offered and associated fees, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.  For a map to St. Dominic School please click here.

Coach Dick Bennett Presentation
Watch it here!
Dick Bennett Presentation

Coach Bennett is a man dedicated to faith, family, and a commitment to excellence. A legend in the coaching ranks, his approach to both basketball and a Catholic based spiritual life are truly unique. During the presentation on January 11, 2014, he tied together how being a servant of Christ can be tied to what players do on the court as a team. This was the first time he has spoken together with players from his Badger Final Four Team. Read the Catholic Herald Article: Coach Preaches Teamwork, Character

The Athletic Program will promote and support these sports within the means, capabilities and desires of the students, faculty, staff, parents and parish. Participation in an extracurricular sport is a privilege granted to students by parents, faculty and staff. Please refer to the St. Dominic Athletic Association Handbook for a more detailed explanation of eligibility requirements, responsibilities, and specific policies.

Athletic Program information will be sent home to eligible St. Dominic day school students via the family folder. Information will be announced and passed out to eligible Christian Formation students through their classes. Information will also be published in the church bulletin and is available from the Athletic Association Governing Board.

Please do not hesitate in contacting Athletic Association Sports Coordinators, Officers and Board Members if you have any questions regarding St. Dominic Athletics. A list of Athletic Governing Board and their contact information can be viewed on this website, at the school office or on the bulletin board outside the gym entrance.

The Athletic Program cannot function without the support and involvement of the parents. The program needs volunteer help at every level encompassing a variety of jobs, such as; coaches, managers, concessions, admissions, and gym supervision. Several times throughout the sports season, parents will be required to help with the operation of the gym during volleyball and basketball league and tournament games.

If you have ideas on how the St. Dominic Athletic Program can be improved or enhanced, please share your suggestions with a member of the Athletic Association. We welcome your suggestions and, as always, your help as a volunteer.

Mission Statement and Philosophy

The St. Dominic Athletic Program offers us an opportunity for building our Christian Community through participation in interscholastic athletics.

It is a parish and school based program that is available to St. Dominic grade school and parish Christian Formation students. This program will provide an environment where players are given equal opportunity to participate and develop their skills.

The program is designed to promote parish, school and team spirit with support and enthusiasm from the clergy, school staff, parents, coaches, and student athletes. Our goal is to offer participating student athletes a positive learning experience for Christian development by:

  • Promoting the idea that athletic competition should be fun.

  • Teaching the fundamental skills and strategies of the sport.

  • Encouraging sportsmanship, self-discipline, and perseverance.

  • Helping each player develop a healthy desire to compete.

  • Learning to deal with the emotions of winning and losing.

  • Learning teamwork and how to contribute to a team's success both as a leader and a follower.

  • Fostering personal growth, physical fitness, and a positive self-image.

It is especially important in youth sports to remember that while winning is important, it is not the main goal of our program. We do not support the "win at all costs' philosophy. The athletic program at St. Dominic will adhere to the policies outlined in the following documents:

  • Archdiocese of Milwaukee Policies and Regulations for Athletics (Section 6145).

  • St. Dominic Athletic Association Handbook.

  • League rules for volleyball, basketball and track.

These publications can be reviewed in the St. Dominic Catholic School Office, Parish Office or Athletic Association Office. Additional information can also be accessed on the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Web site.

For more information regarding the St. Dominic Athletic Program, please see the Athletic Association Handbook or see the Frequently Asked Questions page.  Also, please use the links below for additional reference.


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