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December 17, 2018 

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  Principal Profile


Principal at St. Dominic since: 2013

Degrees and Advanced Training:

  • Graduate of St. John Vianney School
  • Graduate of Divine Savior Holy Angels High School
  • Bachelors Degrees - Marquette University
  • Masters in Educational Policy and Leadership - Marquette University
  • Teacher 17 years
    • Mother of Good Counsel: 3 years as 6th grade teacher
    • St. John Vianney School: 10 years as 4th grade teacher; 4 years in 6th grade
  • Assistant Principal: 3 years at St. John Vianney School
262.783.7565 Ext 271

Seek Christ Newsletter: A Passion for Faith and Children

Educational Philosophy:
principal in a Catholic school has a most extraordinary task before them, one that I am very excited to take on at St. Dominic Catholic School. Not only is this individual the instructional leader of the school, they are also a leader in faith for the students and the staff. I love being a Catholic! Our faith is so rich that I can't help but share my passion for Christ and his Church. I am my faith and my faith is me! In fact, highlighting the Catholic identity of Catholic schools should be of utmost priority. It is what separates us from our public school counterparts after all. Families make the intentional effort to send their children to a Catholic school for that reason. It is to be highlighted and celebrated.

As the instructional leader of a school, it is my vocation to ensure that every teacher and every student is supported and encouraged to be the best that God has created them to be. This includes being open to every opportunity to learn in a manner that is collaborative in spirit and intentional in nature. It is my hope that parents are involved with their child's learning alongside the classroom instructor and that respect exist in that dynamic. Parents are the primary educators of their children and the school is the support staff. The fact that we are all grounded in the love of our Lord serves to hold that gentle balance in place for the good of the child. I am a believer in open, honest communication. I am an advocate for teachers. I love teaching. It is the greatest profession on earth. Why else would Jesus have discerned it after his stint as a carpenter? I am an advocate for children. There is no more precious gift, no greater miracle ever created, than another human being. It is our moral responsibility to work together to raise them in the truth and love of God.

We are at a pivotal place in our history, either on the cutting edge of destruction or at the precipice of great promise. It is at this time we must all unite together to make sure the Lord's message of love and mercy be heard and acted upon. This is the lesson we must be teaching and living - to love your God with all your heart, soul and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. Through prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit let St. Dominic Catholic School be that place in our little pocket of the universe here in Brookfield, Wisconsin. 

18105 W. Capitol Drive Brookfield WI 53045 262.783.7565
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