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All School Reconciliation
December 14, 2018 
Sacrament of Reconciliation
December 15, 2018 
Sacrament of Reconciliation
December 15, 2018 
Children's Liturgy of the Word
December 16, 2018 
School Reader & Cantor Practice
December 18, 2018 
Eucharistic Adoration
December 18, 2018 
Rosary For Life
December 18, 2018 
December 19, 2018 
All School Mass
December 19, 2018 
Cantor Rehearsal
December 19, 2018 
Cantor Rehearsal
December 20, 2018 
Choir Rehearsal
December 20, 2018 

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To seek Christ, Know Christ and Become Christ, each one for the sake of all

  In Remembrance

Historical Records 1956-2011

St. Dominic Parish Remembers Our Beloved Dead
January 1, 2012 - through present

Prayer Service for Visitation to Gravesites

Cvetan, Frances 5/20/18    
Lucey, Thomas 03/07/18    
Graeff, Mary Ellen 02/15/18   Wife of Bob Graeff
Reinders, Mary Ann 01/08/18    
Gross, Francis     Father of Danielle (Nicholas) Herzog
Grum, Marija 11/24/17   Mother of John (Patty) Grum
Baxa, Michael 11/09/17 Husband of Mary Baxa
Domach, Gerrie 09/16/17   Wife of Norm Domach
Engel, Margery 08/11/17   Mother of Katherine Engel
Panero, William 09/03/17   Father-in-law of Kathy Panero
Kimer, Leonard 08/30/17    
Busack, Eugene 08/08/17   Husband of Nancy Busack
Twinem, Rose 07/04/17   Mother of Peggy Falsetti
LeChevalier, Estelle      
Wiluth, Joseph 06/22/17   Husband of Theresa
Bogumill, LaVerne 05/18/17   Wife of Leo
Lemke, Dorothy 04/16/17    
Marincic, Lois 04/15/17   Mother of Larry Marincic
Rothe, Bernadine      
Heinz, Ruth      
Casey, Phyllis 03/02/17   Mother of Tom Casey and Cathy Patrick
Nason, Nettie 02/20/17   Wife of Daniel
Lindert, Donna 02/12/17    
Lindert, John 02/08/17    
Murphy, James 02/08/17   Husband of Kathleen
Scholler, Eugene     Husband of Arlene Scholler
Kelly, Mildred 02/01/17    Mother of Michael (Imelda) Kelly
Tate, Robert 01/20/17   Husband of Dorothy Tate
Ignatius, Patricia      
Friday, Mary 01/11/17     
DeWalt, Donna 01/10/16   Mother of Sue DeWalt
Stuckert, John 12/29/16    
Schroeder, Frances 12/29/16   Wife of Bill Schroeder
Pavlic, Mary (Sandy) 12/17/16   Wife of Robert, Mother of Kathy Thomas and Patti (Bart) Bohne
Geracie, Richard (Rick) 12/15/16   Husband of Sue Geracie
Iannelli, Grace 12/12/16    
Flaherty, Nancy 12/09/16   Wife of Michael, Mother of Kathy, Michael (Karen) and Fr. Jim Flaherty
Dombeck, Alvin 12/09/16   Father of James Dombeck
Reddy, Grace 12/06/16   Mother of Peter, Steven, Patrick & Kevin
Ryan, Mariann 11/28/16   Wife of Jim, Mother of Carrie (Chris) Bronson
Gerstmeier, Robert 11/18/16   Husband of Suzanne Gerstmeier
Zompa, Michael 10/18/16   Son of Joe Zompa
Geppert, Eileen 10/14/16   Mother of Claire Brzozowski
Baltus, Rose 10/18/16   Mother of Dennis Baltus
Rohrbach, Mary Ellen 10/06/16    
Jerge, Catherine     Mother of John Jerge
Koester, James 10/01/16   Husband of Barbara
Wenstrom, Gail 09/26/16    
Piano, Mildred 09/26/16    
Peters, Lenore 09/17/16   Wife of Carl, mother of Mike
Mlynarek, Jeannete 09/16/16    
McCarragher, Mary (Skippy) 09/08/16    
Weishaar, Kerry 07/29/6   Husband of Josie
Wiest, William 07/08/16   Husband of Alfreda
Stumpf, LaVonne 07/03/16   Wife of Walter
Siebers, Patricia     Mother of Joan Brandstaetter
Faupl, Patricia 05/15/16   Mother of Ann Faupl
Buehler, Thomas 05/14/16   Husband of Margaret Buehler
Hestekin, Monica 05/12/16   Wife of Gerald Hestekin
Black, Mary Ellen     Wife of Tom Black, sister of the late John (Sharon) Kapps
Norton, Chuck     Father of Chris (Maureen) Norton
Felder, Sadie 05/02/16   Wife of Frank Felder
Schoofs, John     Father of Catherine (Bill) Bruhn
Smith, Tom     Husband of Katherine, father of Bridget (Filippo) Reina
Fleischmann, Mary Ann 04/19/16   Wife of Howard Fleischmann
Noet, Gerald 04/06/16   Husband of Loretta Noet
Voelker, Lyle     Husband of Dorothy
McDermott, Thomas 04/03/16   Husband of Joan, Father of Dan & Mary Pat
Mezera, James     Husband of Elizabeth
Kraut, Gayle     Sister of Gary (Rhonda) Koprowski
Roszak, Maryann 03/05/16    
Kleinhans, Elaine      
Waymel, Marion     Mother of John (Pat) Waymel
Menting, Rosemary     Mother of Chris Menting
Steinhardt, Jeffrey     Son of Mike and Judi Steinhardt
Aigner, Frank     Father of Kathy (Allan) Evans
Wiesen, Carol      
Piering, Elizabeth (Beth) 03/08/16   Wife of Allan Piering
Caputo, Angela     Mother of Joe (Debbie) Caputo
Katz, Carol     Sister of Jim (Fran) Weber, Aunt of Susan (Brian) Cobb
Schwiesow, Barbara 02/17/16   Mother of Suzanne King
Stormowski, Robert 02/06/16   Husband of Marilyn, Father of Jason (Mary) Stormowski
Kaiser, Patricia     Wife of Herb, Mother of Vicki (Tim) Donohue
LaGuardia, Lena     Mother of Tom (Donna) LaGuardia
O'Keefe, Thomas     Brother of Terr (Tom) Malta
Reyher, Betty     Mother of Cathy (Jim) Dix
Giannini, Dorothy     Mother of Mary (Tim) Wells
Eisenberger, Peter     Father of Andrea (Bill) Greuel
Vycas, Wendy     Sister of Ron (Paula) Bergquist
Miller, Marion     Mother of Paul (Anne) Miller
Ploeckelman, Helen 02/03/16    
Musser, Harvey     Father of Melanie (Paul) Polaski
Schneider, John     Father of Mark (Patty) Schneider
Klos, Gregory     Father of Mike (Deb) Klos
Hausinger, Julie     Daughter of Philip and Dolores Austin, sister of John (Jill) and Thomas Austin
Walter, Ted 01/10/16   Husband of Betty Walter
Marcell, Fanchon     Mother of Jean (Peter) Sekula
Frederick, Marjorie E. (nee Esser) 01/06/16   Mother of Virginia (David) Wanta,
Schreiber, Robert     Father of Tim (Kathy) Schreiber, grandfather of Brian (Jennifer) Schreiber
Husting, Maria     Mother of John (Colleen) Kristbaum
Geiger Jr., Max     Brother of Arlene (Ken) Steib
Ernst, Rosella     Mother of Kathy Paulin
Hansen, Catherine     Charter member
Hansen, Catherine 12/14/15   Mother of Mark Hansen
Selas, Irene 11/29/15   Wife of John Selas
Marcello, Geraldine     Mother of Dave Marcello
Janowski, Robert     Husband of Arlene Janowski
Dawson, Mary Ann 11/11/15   Wife of James Dawson
Knuese, Bernard 11/09/15   Father of Anette Walters
Ahlers, Henry 11/06/15   Father of Peggy Hess
Leas, Arnold     Husband of Rose Marie Leas
Balistreri, Mary 10/21/15   Mother of Nettie Nason
Muente, Lorraine 10/21/15   Mother of Mark Muente
Leonard, Joseph     Husband of DeAnn Leonard
Young, Vic     Husband of Sharon Young
Rohrer, Rose     Mother of Debbie (Jim) Cunningham
LoSapio, Theresa Ann     Mother of Tom (Joanne) LoSapio
Tromp, Joe     Brother of Roberta (James) Budzinski
Fox, MIlton     Father of Laura (Ken) Weiskopf
Patti, Mary      
Sanfelippo, Mariano 10/05/15   Father of Rosalia Sanfelippo
Gruenke, Bernard 09/23/15   Husband of Diane, father of Heidi (Curt) Emery
Reith, Norma     Mother of Father David H. Reith
Pytlik, Mary 09/01/15   Wife of Paul Pytlik
Buhl, Richard     Husband of Rose Buhl
Stephens, Michael     father of Robert (Jeanne) Stephens
Condon, John E.     Father of Pat (Jane) Condon
Arca, Leandro     Father of Marjorie (Mario) Montalbano
Hannon, Kay     Sister of Bob (Mary Ellen) Graeff
Hoepfer, Beth     Mother of Megan Lilly
Rossebo, Helen      
Roubik, Charles     Father of Jerry (Nicole) Roubik
Lodl, Donald     Father of Paula (Dick) Magliocco
Heinritz, Jeanette 8/8/2015    
Lim, Betty (Sia)     Wife of Robert, mother of Maureen Lim
Hofer, Bertha     Mother of JoAnne Meyer
Marshall, Margaret     Mother of Jake (Jessica) Jensen-Cordoves
Fernstrom, Robert     brother-in-law of John (Pat) Waymel
Bitters, Dorothy 06/01/15   Wife of Ralph Bitters
Gommermann, Magdalena 05/21/15   Mother of Rose Wagan
Baisden, Fern     Mother of Keith (Terri) Baisden
Chaffee, Audrey 05/16/15   Mother-in-law of Karen Chaffee
Klapperich, William 05/16/15   Husband of Barbara & Father of Kurt
Hartung, Katherine 05/12/15    Mother of Ann Horner
Duero, Robert 05/15   Father of Sue Lanser
Frank, Lillian 04/08/15   Mother of Christa Vos
Doherty, Josephine 04/15/15   Sister of Dominic Doherty
Holentunder, John 04/05/15   Father of Mary Fuchs
Day, Kyle Gregory 04/03/15   Son of Gary Day and Dee Mellor
O'Neil, Jr., William J. 04/02/15   Husband of Marilyn O'Neil
Scheibe, Dale Gorman 03/24/15   Husband of Marcella Scheibe
Eagon, Kathryn Ann 03/24/15   Wife of John S. Eagon
Goeden, William Joseph 03/23/15   Father of Susie Peterson & Patti Anderson
Greisinger, Thomas M. 03/20/15   Son of Tim & Nancy Greisinger
Campbell, Daniel 03/15/15   Husband of Maureen Campbell
Chaffee, Bryant 03/08/15   Husband of Karen Chaffee
Axt, Maria 03/06/15   Mother of Cindy Caballero
Martin, Bernard 02/28/15   Father of Julie Miller
Narr, Erna 02/16/15   Mother of Nancy Obradovich
Keyes, Garlyce 01/28/15   Wife of Carson Keyes
Hood, Mary Josephine 01/21/15   Mother of Riley John Hood
Ignatius, Dorine E. 01/18/15   Sister of Judy Bobrick & Roger Jankowski
Bartolone, Pauline 01/06/15   Mother of Peter Bartolone
Schneider, Albert 12/28/14    
Kendall, Phyllis     Mother of Stacey (Jason) Seim
Roettgers, Donath 12/10/14   Husband of Patricia
Franzini, Michael 12/04/15   Son of John & Ellen Franzini
Laske, Donald     Brother of David (Jackie)  Laske
Verhaalen, Alison 11/29/14   Daughter of Matthew & Tricia
St. Arnauld, Paul 12/01/14   Husband of Shirley
Huybers, Aubrey Grace 11/27/14   Daughter of Daniel & Mary Katherine Huybers
Tetzlaff, Jo Ann 11/26/14   Wife of James, mother of Jodi Slaby
Paasch, Nancy 11/23/14   Mother of Thomas John Paasch
Priest, Arlene     Sister of Audrey (Fritz) Sajdak
Grum, Janez     Father of John (Patty) Grum
Kapke, George     Grandfather of Jordan & Luke Kapke
Biel, Kenneth 11/14/14   Husband of Janice, father of Brandon, Cameron, Jacqueline
Austin, Cale     Grandson of Dolores (Phil) Austin, nephew of John & Jill Austin, Tom Austin, & Julie Austin Hautsinger.
Stern, Mark 10/28/14   Husband of Jewel
Bero, Robert 10/24/14   Son of Andrew & Robert Bero
Schiller, Patricia     Mother of Jackie (David) Malson
Hughes, Connie     Aunt of Dan (Lynn) Hughes
McKnight, Robert     Husband of Elizabeth
Schueller, Leroy     father of John (Linda) Schueller
Hering, Anne 09/26/14   Wife of Stefan Hering
Wahlen, Brent 09/26/14   Husband of Tessa Whalen
Selkey, Diane 09/23/14   Wife of Carl Selkey
Vondrak, Ben 09/20/14   Husband of Danielle Vondrak
Conlin, Mary Jane     Mother of Tom (Cindy) Conlin
Stuckert, Carmel 09/12/14   Wife of John Stuckert
Vitangcol, Bien     Brother of Leo Vitangcol (Mina)
Hartwick, Jessica 08/26/14   Daughter of Dr. Jeff Hartwick and Susan Hartwick, sister of Victoria and Gregory
Piano, Anthony 08/25/14   Husband of Mildred Piano
Aukofer, John 08/18/14   Husband of Sharon Aukofer
Feerick, Penny     Mother of Jennifer (Scott) Keipper
Kalupa, Rosalie     Sister of Cellene (Brian) Byrne
Jaeger, Douglas     Brother of Debbie (Jim) Cunningham
Sternig, George 08/06/14   Husband of Lorraine, father of Don (Mary Sternig
Schmitz, Audrey     Mother of Carla Rohloff
McKeown, Thomas 08/01/14   Husband of Eleanor McKeown, father of Sue Bartlein
Alberti, Jane     Mother of Rosemary (John) Watta
Przybylski, Emily 07/31/14   Mother of Polly (Armand) Ruka
Cherayil, George 07/30/14    
Glorioso, Margaret 07/27/14   Wife of Felice Glorioso
Tracy, Patricia     Mother of Lynn (Steve) Heitman
Lucey, Shirley 07/16/14   Wife of Tom Lucey
Zinda, Genevieve     Mother of (John) Mary Zinda
Marko, Gabriel "Ken"     Father of Lisa (Jason) Fettig
Blaesing, Sharon     Mother of Geoff (Joanne) Blaesing
Goelz, Leona 07/5/14    
Hautzinger, Maureen 06/24/14   Mother of Maureen (Keith) Schardt
Lund, Rose Marie 06/23/14    
Roob, Walter     Husband of Mary
Spruce, Frank 06/03/14   Father of Mary Jo (Joe) Jones
LaPorta, Anthony 06/02/14    
Carrera, Nancy 05/31/14   Wife of "Bill" Guillermo
Rohloff, Mark     Husband of Carla, father of Kristina & Kim
McCarthy, William     Father of Jeff (Shirley) McCarthy
Pukac, Joseph 05/12/14   Husband of Millie Pukac
Oxenreiter, Maury     Father of Karen (Allan) Loeb
Brown, Robert 05/09/14   Husband of Susan, Son of Robert Brown, Sr. Son-in-law of Tim & Nancy Greisinger
Borek, Ken     Father of Nicole (Jerold) Roubik
Schenauer, Rick     Brother-in-law of Barb (Ron) Schenauer
Kilkenny, Jim     Father of Tom (Cindy) Kilkenny
Rinaldi, Anthony 04/21/14   Husband of Mary Ellen Rinaldi
Tomczyk, Evelyn 04/17/14   Mother of Kathy (Bill) Tomczyk Born
Enters, Raymond     Husband of Rita Enters
Gorzalski, Patricia 04/13/14   Aunt of Fr. Brad Krawczyk
Foley, Christine 04/07/14   Wife of Paul Foley, Mother of John and Megan
Berg, Lee     Daughter-in-law of Dick & Joan Berg, sister-in-law of Margaret Berg
Tamms, Frederick 04/02/14   Husband of Lorna Tamms
Baxa, Lynn     Sister of Mike (Mary) Baxa
Baumann, Delores     Sister of Charles (Mary) Barger
Kapps, John 03/14/14   Husband of Sharon Kapps
Ratelle, Donald 03/13/14   Husband of Ann Ratelle
Chaffee, William     Father of Bryant (Karen)
Graycarek, Donald 02/22/14    
Pronley, Ed     Husband of Bea (Pronley)
Kennedy, Charlie     Father of Kara (Jim) Larcheid
Alioto, Guseppe, "Joe" 02/14/14   Uncle of Sal (Nicole) Alioto
Nuerenberg, William 02/11/14   Husband of Deanna Nuerenberg
Sherman, Elaine 02/08/14   Mother of James (Connie) Sherman
Brock, Virginia 02/05/14   Mother of Chris (Mary) Brock
Taylor, Katie     Cousin of Ethel Cahill
Priebe, Marlene     Mother of Babette (Jon) Martin
Koenigs, Francis 01/30/14    Husband of Elaine Koenigs
Von Rueden, Greg     Nephew of John & Marge Von Rueden
Schamber, Henrietta 01/17/14   Wife of Edward Schamber
Gansler, Elisabeth 01/16/14    
Cox, Eleanor 01/01/14    Mother of Francis and Andrew Cox and Kathleen Teuteberg
Menz, Josephine` 12/23/13   Kathy (Frank) Cosich
Mullaley, Michael     Husband of Terri Meyer
Dietrich, Ray     Father of Joan Lueneburg
Zupke, Harold     Father of Sharon (Thomas) Miller
Patten, Roger     Husband of Claire Patten
Skrzypek, Eugene     Wife of Jalna, Mother of Susan (Charles) Caliendo
Frank, Martha     Grandmother of Tom (Amy) Whittenberger
Hoell, Michael 11/30/13   Husband of Jayne Hoell
Healy, Marge 11/18/13    
Kebis, Susanne 11/14/13   Wife of Phillip Kebis
Topp, Nancy     Sister of Jane (Mark) Schroeder
Schmidt, Roger     Father of Ted (Molly) Schmidt
Moser, Anton 11/01/13   Father of Toni Moser
Schiedemeyer, Ronald 11/01/13   Husband of Janet Schiedemeyer
McCardell, Debbie     Daughter of Marlene Turicek, sister of Steve (Diana) Turicek
Bickler, Tom     Father of Sue Bickler
Strebe, Russell     Father of Terry (Lori) Strebe
Glorioso, Joseph     Father of Felix (Margaret) Glorioso
Thomas, Barbara     Sister of Nickie (Rick)Schmidt
Roldan, Ramiro     Father of Eva (James) Kryzanek
Lochemes, Antoinette 09/17/13    
Storniolo, Antonia 08/28/13   Mother of Diana (Steve) Turicek, Wife of Nicolo Storniolo
Nelson, Anna 08/23/13   Mother of Joe (Mary) Nelson
Peot, Rose Marie 08/24/13   Mother of Kurt Peot
Wilson, Eleanor     Grandmother of Shelly (John) Conrad
Moser, Gertrude (Trudy) 8/13/13   Wife of Anton
Jorgenson, Vernon     Father of Lois (Michael) Ricci
Martin, Dolores     Mother of Patricia (Larry) Russell
Smith, Thomas 07/02/13   Husband of Valerie, father of Tammy Kops
Piering, Kenneth     Brother of Allan (Beth) Piering
Tvrdik, Vivian     Mother of Kathleen (Don) Treis
Arca, Leah     Mother of Margery Arca (Mario Montalbo)
Schultz, Margaret     Wife of Allen Schultz
Snyder, Michael Thomas     infant son of Jennifer & Neal Snyder, brother of Gabriel & Jillian
Kormanik, James     Father of Jill Fischer
Bardele, Glenn 06/06/13   Husband of Lillian "Lil" Bardele
Myatt, John 06/04/13   Husband of Deborah "Deb" Myatt
Manthey, Brianna Mae     Infant daughter of Brandon and Johanna Manthey, granddaughter of Chuck and Suzanne Kallinger
Ketten, Marjorie 05/20/13    
Towers, Steve     Father of Cherie (Mike) Knoebel
Heckel, John "Jack" 04/13/13   Husband of Joan Heckel
Shipman, Howard     Father of Elisa (David) Gricunas
Collopy, Michael     husband of Sheila
Keipper, Orpah "Ann" 04/02/13   Mother of Scott (Jennifer) Keipper
Kuenzle, Eve     Aunt of Phyllis Casey
Magliocco, Robert     Father of Dick (Paula) Magliocco
Kellenberger, Arnold 4/1/2013   Husband of Julie, father of Mollie & Samuel
Osten, Ann     Sister of Shea (Mindy) Hughes
Gorecki, Bernadine 03/24/13    
Thomson, Thomas 03/15/13   Husband of Dorothy Thomson
Aspenleiter, Edward 03/13/13   Father of Barb Kasianowicz
Berndt, William "Bill" 02/28/13   Husband of Betty Berndt, Father of Bonnie (Michael) Moakley
Chaulk, Dolores "Del" 02/03/13    
Grond, George 02/03/13   Father of Christopher Grond
Delgado, Phyllis 02/02/13    
Gibbons, Col. John 01/24/13    
Wanserski, Larry 01/22/13   Husband of Kathy Wanserski
Armstrong, Roland     Grandfather of Stacey (Jeremiah) Irvine
McGeough, James (Jim)      
Perugini, Maria 01/12/13    
Trokan, Andrew     Father of Timothy (Paula) Trokan
Mueller, George 01/07/13   Father of William Mueller
Ladwig, Shirley     Mother of Keith (Christine) Ladwig
Tamms, Lorraine     Mother of Frederick Tamms
Bartkowiak, Jakub     Father of Art (Mary) Bartkowiak
Klick, June     Grandmother of Nicole (Jerold) Roubik
Seybold, Edwin John "John"      
Jens, Helen     Mother of Donna McCormack
Burzynski, Sandy     Sister of Paul Burzynski



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